In a previous article (Logging…But Not Like a Lumberjack), I ended with a ‘stay tuned for an article about how technology can help you track mileage and expenses,’ or something of that nature! Well folks, here it is! If you’re a tech savvy individual and wish there was a way for you to track mileage and or expenses, then the following information is for you. The following apps help you log what you need, make it specific to your needs and if need be, run reports.

First, we have BizXpense Tracker. This app is available for people with iPhone’s and is made specifically for small businesses. The app tracks expenses, mileages, and even records time worked. Further, it has the ability to run reports and print off pictures of receipts or export them to your desktop.

If you’re not a Mac person, another great app is Concur Mobile. This app is also made for small businesses and is available for Android as well as iPhone. Like the previously mentioned app, Concur Mobile lets you log expenses, mileage, and run reports. It also lets you approve of travel spending for employees on the go and books flights and hotels. Further, you can link up to credit card reports and import your charges immediately.

Another great option, and one that I frequently tell my clients to use if they’re tech savvy, is Tax Pocket. This app is really all inclusive. Made for iPhones and Android, it let’s you record mileage but also run reports you can send directly to your accountant. Not only does it let you record your expenses too, but it lets you track charitable contributions, medical expenses and childcare expenses. Furthermore, the app has access to a professional accountant directory.

Or perhaps you need something that just tracks your mileage. Mileage IQ offers easy logging for your travels with a few perks. Not only does it track your mileage with just a swipe of your finger, you can edit mileage rates and units. Further, the app allows you to specify your vehicle, if you’re traveling toll roads, if you have to pay for parking, and lets you classify your reasons for travel. If you’re traveling on business, personal reasons, medical or doing charity work, all of it can be labeled within the app, making it easy to keep track of.

If you decide to give any of these apps a try, please let me know how they work for you! If one app is better than another or if one is more user friendly over another, please give me a heads up! I like getting feedback from my clients on what helps them most!  So, please feel free to give the apps a go and let me know what you think.