Not everyone can paint a mural to rival the Sistine Chapel or make a sculpture that should be in the Louvre. In fact, some of us can’t even draw stick figures. For those of you who are gifted in the arts, though, perhaps taking something that might be a pastime or hobby and turning it into a business is what’s in store for the new year. 

Wondering how you might make your love of art into a successful entrepreneurship? Here are some helpful ideas!

If selling your art is really what you’re interested in, then perhaps the right course of action is to become an art dealer. Having a good space to act as a gallery of sorts is not only a great way to have your art seen, but also purchased. The space can also aid in networking with other local artists whose work you can display as well. Not only can you gain a commission on what is sold, but you can also charge a fee to have other artists’ work on display.

Perhaps having your own space isn’t what you’re interested in or you aren’t quite ready to do a time intensive business. In this day and age, the Internet is your best friend! Thanks to websites like Etsy and Pinterest, artists are showing off their work online and selling it as well. Especially with Etsy, you can create your work when there is an order for it rather than having a bunch of items in inventory. Since it’s being made by yourself rather than factory made and not found anywhere else, you can charge a premium price for your work.

If you like face-to-face connections with clients, contract work is also a great way to combine work and art. Offering your services to teach kids art at the local YMCA, holding classes for children and adults at local craft stores like Michael’s, and doing community events get your name out there and keep you busy. Holding art camps are also great ways to contract yourself out and keep relevant within the community. By doing contract work in a variety of settings, you give yourself the opportunity to network with students of all ages, other artists, and spread the word about your great services.

Something that is really popular right now is Paint Night. Tickets are sold for a certain amount of slots, people come and get instructed on how to paint the picture of the night, and leave with artwork they made! There are different levels ranging from novice to expert, but no matter the talent level, it’s a great venue for people to get their friends and family involved in a group activity and have some fun year round. 

It is also possible to sell your supplies as private label items. Maybe you make your own candles and soaps. Finding a local spa to sell your goods in is another great way to create a business. Not only would customers be buying a product, but they’d be buying a brand as well.

There are plenty of ways to combine your love of art with having a successful business, there’s just the matter of figuring out what kind of business you want to have.

I can help you with the money side of setting up a successful business where art is no longer something you do in your free time, but the way you make a living!