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Changes in Tax Season

Each new tax season leave us with a little more knowledge about everything from our client’s needs, questions, changes in tax law, to the growing need for people to have good accountants. At AOB, we deal with taxes so you don’t have to and give people some peace of mind. Tax returns are more [...]

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Navient News

I couldn’t tell you the number of people I know who have student loans or how many of them have student loans through Navient. These days it seems like loans are the only way to get through school. What I can tell you, though, is that Navient is the largest student loan servicer in [...]

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Out in the Community!

When we aren’t meeting tax deadlines we like to get out and about, as you all know. Not only do we like to do simple things like sleep in or check out a movie, but we are broadening our horizons to giving back to the community! A few Sundays ago, September 10th, Kim and [...]

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Eclipse: The Office on Break

I’m sure you heard with everyone else in the country that there was an eclipse August 21 that started around 1pm and was over by 3pm, give or take a handful of minutes. Approximately at 2:40pm, if you had the proper eye protection, you could’ve seen the moon crossing in front of the sun [...]

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A Little Bit on Bitcoin

We’re willing to hazard a guess that many of our clients haven’t heard of Bitcoin, or if they have, then it’s highly possible that they’re confused about it. Who can blame them, anyway? Bitcoin isn’t the easiest thing to understand, but we’re going to do our best and break it down for you all. [...]

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