Thanksgiving Hours 2018

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    We here at Accounting Outside the Box absolutely LOVE Thanksgiving because food is our friend! If there’s anything else that we do aside from taxes, it’s exchange recipes, try new foods we bring to the office, and get together outside office to yet again try different and new foods. We truly are [...]

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Bitcoin Part 2

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In a previous post we touched a little on the mystery that is Bitcoin and what all the crypto currency entails. Well, in case you were still wondering about the ins and outs of Bitcoin, we’re here to fulfill that curiosity of yours! So, here’s the nitty gritty of Bitcoin; all the fine details [...]

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A Narrative of a Tax Return’s Journey

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There are ebbs and flows to life that we all experience through a calendar year that can make the days or weeks busier than we could ever imagine, or lag by so slowly it’s like time is going backwards. As you can guess, that time of year for us is our beloved tax season. [...]

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New Tax Scam!

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Just like Benjamin Franklin said, ‘in this world nothing can be said to be certain, except death and taxes.’ Indeed, it’s entirely possible that he is right, given that it comes around every year without fail, and unfortunately, so do new tax scams. So, let’s talk about the new thing scammers are doing to [...]

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Talty Tip – Save on QuickBooks Online

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Have your QuickBooks Online prices gone up recently? We can help with that! When you sign up with Accounting Outside the Box (under our subscription) we can offer discounted monthly pricing. Please note this discounted pricing is good for current and new clients! Compare the prices to see what you’ll save: Sign up with [...]

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