And I’m Freeee…Freelancing!

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Taxes sometimes can be daunting regardless of whether you’re the employee or the employer. Sometimes it can get even more complicated if you work more than one job that results in many W2 forms or multiple 1099s or a combination of the two. Now let’s add another layer of complexity by being a freelancer! What [...]

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Adjustments After Nuptials: Tax Tips!

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June had the reputation as being THE wedding month of the year and flowers were everywhere. Now it seems like wedding season goes from early spring to late summer. Whether they’re traditional with a bunch of flowers or have a Harry Potter theme, weddings strive to be a happy occasion for all parties involved and [...]

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What We Know to Be True

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Good ole Ben Franklin once said “in this world nothing can be said to be certain, except death and taxes.” We tend to think the man might be onto something because from our standpoint, we’re pretty certain that taxes will always be there for everyone. Luckily, for us anyway, that’s good since our industry is [...]

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The Inspiration Caveat

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Previously we posted a little fluff piece about not being afraid to take that leap if you want to start your own business, and that we’re here to help. Well, we thought on it a little and decided there’s another key factor in starting up and running your business. It’s called having a mentor. We [...]

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A Little Inspiration

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Sometimes people like to make the jump from being a simple employee to being the employer. What we have found holds people back at times, is a little bit of fear from the unknown. It’s a logical fear and we completely understand that! It’s a lot to undertake when and if you decide to build [...]

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