Brewing Up A Storm

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There seems to be quite the explosion of something not just within the valley, but in the whole country. Beer. Let’s say it again…beer! Beer, specifically of the craft variety, is making a big impact in the world of adult beverages. Already the valley has numerous options for locals to get their taste buds hopping [...]

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If you’ve ever seen a show like Shark Tank, then you’ve probably heard someone say they got their start with something like Kickstarter. It sounds like something as ambiguous and ominous as The Cloud, probably because it’s relative new, but it’s much simpler than The Cloud. Meet crowdfunding, a way used to solicit contributions from [...]

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IRS Changes

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In a previous article, we joked the IRS likes to change the rules just to keep people on their toes. Well, they’re back at it again and as of December 18, 2015, the IRS changed the regulations a little when it comes to the Earned Income Tax Credit (EITC) and Additional Child Tax Credit (ACTC). [...]

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Red Flags for Audits

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The IRS at times seems like a living, breathing entity that’s often the source of bad dreams and stress. With all their rules, regulations, deadlines and forms, the IRS can be a little daunting, and nothing is scarier than the word audit. Often we are asked what are the chances of being audited, how the [...]

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Bonds…Cash Bonds

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Remember the propaganda posters for World War II where Uncle Sam asked for you to do your part and support the war effort? Some people sent their pantyhose in so the nylon could be used in parachutes. Food was rationed.  And some people bought war bonds. Does anyone really buy bonds these days?  Does anyone [...]

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