Summertime for a lot of people means vacation and travel. The kids are out of school, the hot weather tends to makes people think of beaches and fruity drinks, and sometimes it’s the last chance before holiday breaks. If you like to travel, it can be hard to do so while working, having a family and basically living life. Travelling often gets put on the back burner for when there is time and spare funds. But what if you could build traveling into your work?

If you’re a business owner and looking to get outside the four walls that make up your office or studio, think about ways that will help you do so; such as travel! Now what exactly do we mean by travel? Do we mean going to exotic places where life changing moments will happen? Perhaps not quite that exciting! Do we mean maybe going someplace that’ll benefit your business? Yes, entirely!

Let’s explain! Traveling can definitely be possible with your work life if it’s something you really want to pursue, cue continuing education, retreats and conferences. It can be really easy to sign up for an online seminar since it’s conveniently located on your computer while at work, but try thinking outside the box. Going away for an annual conference or for a continuing education opportunity can be a really great way to get some travel in.

First, think of all the networking you could take advantage of. Instead of being behind a screen and isolated, you can be face-to-face with people, talk amongst colleagues, and troubleshoot thoughts and ideas. The networking and interface is a no brainer, but being outside of your office and surrounded by fellow passionate peers can help open your mind up to new ideas and possibilities for your own business; which leads us to perk number two- new ideas.

There are some conferences and seminars geared specifically to helping people generate new ideas for their businesses. If you feel like you’re in a rut with work and are drawing a blank as to what to do differently, these kinds of conferences can help. Or if it’s a continuing education event you’re at, without a doubt there will be new techniques and practices you can learn and incorporate into your own business. Further, simply getting out of your office and getting away can be a very good way to clear your mind and open yourself up to new opportunities.

If pricing might scare you or make you rethink going on a business trip, keep in mind that if you keep all of your receipts for things like food, plane tickets, car rental and materials you may need to buy such as books, then these things can be logged as business expenses!  But also don’t be afraid to take advantage of the time you have to yourself outside the conference, retreat or educational event. If you’re event is in Denver and things are over a five, take the evening to check out the Rockies or see a museum. These things can’t be listed as business expenses, but take advantage of wherever you’re at; after all, who knows when you’ll be back! There is nothing wrong with taking in some sights and sounds around you in your free time and maybe you’ll get even more inspired.

So if you see an opportunity to get out of the everyday humdrum office atmosphere and go to a seminar, event, expo, retreat, whatever it may be called, don’t be afraid to go! In the end, the payoffs could be great!