Exciting News: QuickBooks Training Available!

Everyone…this is amazing! We’ve got some very exciting news for you that we’ve been working on during our ‘down time’ from tax season! Finally, we’ve gotten to the point where we are ready to launch this little beast known as QuickBooks training! Throughout the year, we’ve been planning this little project and are so [...]

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Do you sometimes feel like everything in your business is going well, but the numbers don’t reflect that? The product you sell might be flying off the shelves or your sales have gone way up in terms of the services you off. Your expenses are right on track for where they should be and [...]

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And We’re Back From Tax Season With Fraud Protection Tips!

As you all know, we try and get information about current tax scams out to you so that you all are aware and don’t become victims to potential fraud. Identity theft and or tax fraud are some seriously scary things that exist and unfortunately happen far too often and sadly, it tends to begin [...]

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A Business Basic

Can we just break things down for a hot moment and talk about something so vital to a business that it could easily make or break a business no matter how big or small it may be? It might seem like something so simple and basic and something anyone with common sense would know, [...]

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Living Life vs. Living Life

It’s another fluff piece! Sometimes it’s nice to sit back, relax a little and take a break from all the accounting and tax posts. Sometimes it’s just nice to read something that makes you think in a good way, as opposed to using those hardworking brain cells to make sure everything tax related is in [...]

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