Each new tax season leave us with a little more knowledge about everything from our client’s needs, questions, changes in tax law, to the growing need for people to have good accountants. At AOB, we deal with taxes so you don’t have to and give people some peace of mind. Tax returns are more than just numbers, figures, and jargon most people don’t understand. Tax returns, for us, are all about the people.

That’s how we like to roll.

In order to keep up with every one of our clients and keep giving them the individual attention they deserve, however, we’ve had to amend some of our own practices.

Amendment 1

  • Any client information dropped off after February 15th (for business returns) or March 17th (for individual returns) will not be guaranteed to be completed by the April deadline and could be put on extension. Keep in mind that we work on a first come first serve basis. Those who bring in their documents at the beginning of tax season gets priority. Unless discussed beforehand or there is a pressing need to be done sooner, arrangements will need to be made; an additional fee may be charged.

Amendment 2

  • If any clients require additional copies of tax returns (current or prior years), profit and loss statements, financials, copies of bank statements, etc., for any reason during tax season, there will be an additional charge.

Amendment 3

  • We absolutely love it when clients come by to drop off their tax documents in whatever fashion suits them; but we love it more when they do that with a complete package. We understand you might forget a document or get a 1099 or W2 late, and that’s fine. However, when pieces of information come to us in dribs and drabs, it’s actually harder for us to keep up with. The last thing we want to do is lose a piece of vital information for your tax return. Therefore, in the upcoming season, if we do not have complete tax document packages, we will not start your return until all the pieces are in our office either in hard copy or electronically.

Our number one goal is to give our clients our very best and for them to have the best experience. As always, we wouldn’t be where we are without our fabulous clients. We believe that in order to keep giving everyone our best, some little changes had to happen. Thank you in advance for understanding and helping us make a smooth transition into the upcoming tax season!

May the odds ever be in your favor!