We posted an article about how social media can help with marketing your business whether you’re using Twitter, Instagram or Facebook. Social media can have a helpful impact with your business if you use it to your best advantage!

While Facebook is a popular site for everyone of all ages with one billion active users, there are some perks to having a business page that you don’t get with a regular, personal page. First and foremost, creating a business page, like a personal page, is completely free. There is absolutely no cost to having a business page. Like a personal page, images, videos, post, and events can all be shared on your business page. However, a business page has a little more that can be added.

For example, a business page lets you add your hours of business, contact information, have reviews and link your website. You can even add directions and all of this is free! With over one billion active users, though, what can you as a business owner do to stand out?

Facebook, being what it is, has thankfully come up with a way to help businesses get themselves and their products or services noticed. The catch for this service, though, is having to pay for it, but luckily, the consumer sets the price to some extent.

In order to promote your business page, you first must create an ad. After creating an ad, you get to choose the maximum amount you’re willing to spend each day for having your ad promoted. Facebook provides some nifty options to help you decide what dollar amount to spend. For example, for $5 a day, your ad has an estimated possibility of getting 4-15 likes per day or you can spend $20 and have the possibility of 15-60 likes per day on your ad (keep in mind Facebook has all sorts of options not limited to the two listed). All of this is to help drive traffic to your page so people can see what you’re all about and what you offer.

Facebook has another outlet for driving traffic to your page as well, called boosting. Boosting works like promoting ads. You select a post, perhaps maybe one you created about a BOGO deal, and click boost on the bottom. Select the audience you want to target and the budget you want to spend based off how many people you want to reach and how long you want the post to run. It’s kind of like running an ad in the newspaper, but electronically with potential to reach a much larger audience. The longer your ad runs and the larger the audience, the better odds of your products and services being seen. It all depends on how much you’re willing to spend for your business. 

 With the internet, the opportunities are endless!