Hello there clients!

We like to make posts about things we think clients would like to know for the simple sake of knowing or in case our clients have questions. However, we also know that tax talk and accounting jargon aren’t the most exciting topics ever and sometimes leave people confused or frustrated. It is in our hopes that we make it a little better for you guys and hopefully we make it more understandable.

The real questions are, have we done so and are the posts helpful?

We totally understand not all posts will appeal to everyone. Some might not even be applicable to you as they might be for others. We also know, too, that no matter what we do, some topics are not going to be exciting or mildly amusing. Yet we still try to give it our best go!

So now we’d like to hear back from our beloved clients:

  • Do you find the posts helpful?
  • Informative?
  • Are you able to understand the content?
  • Or potentially the most important question, are we hitting on topics that you want to know about?
  • If we’ve missed something, what are topics you want to know about or questions you’d like answered?

We know everyone is busy and that sometimes a post or two might get missed, but take a moment to scroll through our posts and see if we’ve missed something you need or want to know. But if you do have some further questions or concerns, feel free to email me (kelsey@accountingoutsidethebox.net) or leave a comment on our page!

After all, we enjoy hearing back from our clients!