Now that tax season has come and gone for another year, Kim and I are very much ready for some rest and relaxation of the highest order. Everyone needs a little down time to regroup, clear their minds, and think of things other than work. For Kim, that means heading to the southwest and soaking up some rays with the red rocks in Sedona. For me, it’s all about hiking some mountains in Canada. Apparently, both of us are in need of some quality time with nature and be outside of the four walls that make up our beloved office.

Aside from our vacations though, we find time after tax season to pick up our lives where they left off at back in December. For me, that means hitting the gym after work for some ‘me’ time. I find it’s a good way to relax, let go of some stress and improve my overall wellbeing all in one go. Hard to go wrong with that, right?

The good news is that I think it’s spreading throughout the office. Not only is our resident QuickBooks trainer, Dawn, a personal trainer, but Kim is also hopping on the workout bandwagon. Further, we like to share new healthy recipes and give them a go; everything from things we make up, to what we find on the Internet, to Hello Fresh ideas. I think in terms of hobbies, we could do a lot worse!

Why does this matter, though?

Well, because a business runs like a living, breathing, creature. You have to spend time, energy, effort and money into running a business just like you have to do for yourself. In order to keep it going, to be successful and to grow, however, you have to take care of yourself; you have to start with a good foundation and take it from there. We intend to do with at AOB, all starting with our own wellness and that’s just the beginning!

The next step in our improvements is to head to a tax conference in September! Tax law and regulation is always changing new business concepts are popping up like never before. For example, who would’ve thought about Air BNB fifteen years ago and who would know how to properly tax that? I can tell you it’s not something the government thought about! So we’re going to get caught up on things such as these so we can have more answers for our clients and help figure out more ways for you all to get the best bang for your buck.

Enough about us, though! What about you, our clients? What are some hobbies you all are passionate about? What are some things you guys like to do to help yourselves relax and clear your mind? We’d like to hear back from you all and who knows, maybe you do something we haven’t thought of that could work for us as well!