Just a few short weeks and the film, Lake Effects, will begin production at Smith Mountain Lake. I am so excited for the producer and my friend, Sara Elizabeth Timmins! She has worked hard to see her vision become a reality. Little did I know when I met Sara Elizabeth a year ago that I would have a dream come true! I am a big movie buff and I often sit through the credits at the end of movies. A secret desire of mine was to see my name in the accounting credits for a movie (can you say “geek”?), but I couldn’t fathom how that would happen. I am thrilled to be a part of the team at Life Out Loud Films, which also includes Erin Bukowski, CPA. Erin and I are working together to oversee the necessary financial reporting.

Being a movie production accountant is challenging and the entire month of October is going to be a busy one for me. I am learning about movie budgets, specialized payroll requirements, and the Screen Actors Guild. I have quite the library on the topic of movie production and accounting. I hope that more movie production accounting is in my future. I like the challenge, the fast pace, and of course, the potential opportunity to meet some of America’s “royalty.”

Check out Sara Elizabeth’s website for updates on the movie at http://www.lifeoutloudfilms.com/Services.html