Many people know massage therapy is a great way to de-stress, escape the world for a while and find your Zen again. Others, use massage therapy to help them sleep better, relieve back and joint pain, and even help reduce anxiety and depression. The perks are numerous, just like the various business opportunities.

A key tip to helping your practice better itself is to do a thing called content marketing. Content marketing is handing out key information to your clients that will overall better them. For instance, if you have clients who suffer from stress, hand them information about how to destress. Maybe soothing breathing techniques at home will help those clients with anxiety or the use of specific scents, like lavender, will help other clients sleep better. Clients who receive information specific to their needs gives them that personal touch that’ll keep them coming back.

Staying in touch with your clients, as well, helps keep your clientele informed and involved. Having a newsletter to send out to them with specific tips (such as yoga at home, daily stretches for athletes and how to relieve tension) helps clients even when they aren’t in for an appointment. Knowing they are getting the most out of their massage therapist not only lets them feel like getting the bang for the buck, but helps them know their overall wellness is being kept in mind.  However, if blogging is more your thing, then post the tips that help your wellness the most! If a smoothie full of greens before some yoga helps you relax, let your clients know and how it may benefit them!

Speaking of wellness, a great way to increase business for your practice is to network with healthcare professionals. Instead of telling their clients, who may be overly-stressed, pregnant, injured from sports, or suffer from fibromyalgia to go to fancy spas, they can refer them to their local massage therapist for treatment; which makes it great to be mobile.

Being mobile, like being mobile with a yoga practice, has the potential for getting your name out there within the community. It helps people greatly to know that you can come to them when their schedules are hectic. Further, if you aren’t ready to open your own space for your massage therapy practice, having a mobile practice is a great option when first starting out. Go to those corporate offices with a table or chair, your phone and a mode of transportation, and relieve the stressors of the business world. Further, take your mobility to business conferences, sporting events, and health fairs. (Beside, logging the mileage is a business expense!)

If you need any help with the financial side of your business, please feel free to contact me, I’d be glad to help!