When we aren’t meeting tax deadlines we like to get out and about, as you all know. Not only do we like to do simple things like sleep in or check out a movie, but we are broadening our horizons to giving back to the community!

A few Sundays ago, September 10th, Kim and I, along with some friends, could be found exploring the various trails of the Blue Ridge Parkway at Explore Park for a good cause! The event, Hike for Hospice, was a very successful event with about 250 people coming out to support Good Samaritan Hospice. It included not only various hikes, but also good cook out food, face painting, free chair massages, corn hole and more. Even Smokey the Bear made an appearance!

The weather was perfect for a nice day walk through the woods; sunny and warm without being too hot, and we checked out old Explore Park structures from when volunteers worked the stations as settlers in early America. We saw an old Mill, a blacksmith shop, an old campsite with cabins and even an old film set for a movie in 2013 about the true-life story of two sisters kidnapped by Native Americans after a raid and massacre. Best of all, we took pictures of everything because as they say, pictures or it didn’t happen!

The most important part, however, of our excursion outdoors, was simply to support a great cause. Sure, the perks were fun and we had a great time, but getting out of our normal, everyday routine to help a local cause was truly gratifying. We got to forget about our own woes and think about others all while taking in some sights and overall enjoying ourselves. So don’t be surprised when you find the office out and about more often! What about you all, though? What’re some causes that you’re passionate about? What other fundraisers do you think we’d love to support and events to attend?

We’d love to hear from you guys, our beloved clients, about some other charitable opportunities, so feel free to comment or shoot us an email! Oh! And remember you can still be magical while in the woods!