An entourage is a group of associates that surrounds us. A well-crafted entourage will not only add flavor to your business and personal life, but contribute to your success in both areas. An entourage is different from a clique, which is an exclusive group of people. A clique is closed and doesn’t allow for the variety that a flowing entourage does. I became intrigued by the idea of an entourage after reading a Daily Tip about cultivating an entourage on the social network site, Ladies Who Launch. I have been thinking about who makes up an excellent entourage.

I am going to call mine the “Goddess Entourage.” My Goddess Entourage includes:

1. Goddess History. Goddess History is important in my circle because sometimes I need help being grounded. I have known my Goddess History since childhood. She has seen the good times and the bad. She understands how I became the person I am today. She reminds me of how far I have come and she celebrates the triumphs with me in a way no one else can.

2. Goddess Heart. My Goddess Heart listens to me without judgment. I value how she quietly listens to my ramblings, pieces together the heart of the matter, and returns sage advice that is not tainted with harshness or prejudice. She is kind and soothing like a balm. She is trustworthy and worth her weight in gold.

3. Goddess Truth. Goddess Truth is very blunt and she doesn’t hesitate to point out changes I need to make whether it is business or personal dealings. Her words sting occasionally, but she is motivated out of love for me and I can’t fault that.

4. Goddess Fun. I have to confess Goddess Fun is my favorite Goddess (and yours too!). She is someone I can let my hair down with completely. Goddess Fun stays mostly in my personal zone, but we do have occasion to do business. We are electric together and there is never a dull moment. We bring out the joy and happiness in each other to an extreme and I really like that heady feeling.

5. Goddess Business. Goddess Business is my more serious goddess. She offers excellent advice in how to handle certain business matters. She has a way of seeing a situation that is invaluable when I cannot see the forest for the trees. She tempers my artistic right-brain with her no-nonsense left-brain.

6. Goddess Art. My Goddess Art introduces me to the world of possibilities. With her I explore art, music, fashion, and everything in between. We have existential conversations and we dwell in the realms of dreams and ‘what ifs’. She encourages me to write, draw, paint and most importantly–to explore.

7. Goddess School. Goddess School has been with me through the grueling process of adult education. She understands the stress and pressures that full-time school and work brings. We help each other with assignments or listen to griping about team projects. She is a goddess in other ways too, but she shines in this area.

8. Goddess Network. Goddess Network is a sun in my business universe. She knows a lot of people and she doesn’t hesitate to introduce me around. She has helped me to make a lot of connections and she has shown me how to be an effective networker. She rocks my business world!

9. Goddess Health. My Goddess Health reminds me regularly that I have to take care of myself. She pushes me to exercise and diet. She makes sure I get a regular massage and she takes care of both my body and spirit in the process.

10. Goddess Sister. My Goddess Sister is a relative. She and I have so much in common and we are able to be authentic with each other without fear. She is someone I turn to on a regular basis…for no other reason than I enjoy being with her. She is a rock in the sea of my life.

You may recognize yourself in one of my Goddess Entourage. Some of my Goddesses trade tiaras and switch roles from time to time, but the essence of my entourage stays the same. I love that I have such strong, beautiful women in my life. I value each and every one of them. I am grateful to have such support in both my personal and business life. When we work together for each others successes we are unstoppable!

Who forms your Goddess Entourage?