It feels like summer is already here doesn’t it? We skipped spring and went right into summer with the soaring temperatures that make us already miss the slight chill in the air we barely spent time with in March. So…break out the ice cream and popsicles! The heat is at least a good excuse to vegg out on the good stuff (We hear Pop’s is loaded with the good stuff)!

Anyway, with summer coming, it’s pretty common to have employees coming and going throughout the tropical season for family getaways and vacations. Sometimes, it can seem like a revolving door of people coming in from relaxation and people going out to relaxation. Therefore, we tend to think it’s a great idea for people to get together when they can; kind of like how kids sports leagues have a banquet at a pool or Chuck E Cheese for one last hoorah. Throwing a shindig, party, get together, whatever you want to call it, can be a great way to get everyone in the office back on the same page.

Or maybe you’ve just gone through a grueling season of something (for us it’s tax season) and want to show your appreciation for your hardworking individuals. Perhaps you read our blog article about company holiday parties? It briefly discusses this cool fact about how you can deduct your business expenses for the company shindigs you throw, which again, you can do in the summer too and is not just limited to the holiday season.

Your mind might be going in another direction, though. It could be that you’re thinking of a way to go the extra mile for a coworker who has really stepped up or a team that landed a major deal. Have you ever thought about sending these great people to a retreat!? If not, maybe you should!

Retreats can be more than just relaxation time with fruity drinks, cabana boys and massages. You could find a retreat that will not only aide in relaxation, but be educational as well, kind of like those team building retreats. It provides a chance for people to get out of the office atmosphere, provide a mental break, a little fun and some interesting training that could help your business!

For example, if you own a yoga studio, you could hold a retreat for those who are trying to get training. Or have one for stressed CEO’s who need to relax in order to come up with that ‘next big thing’ that’ll take their business places. Or, as stated before, send that super performing team out to a retreat that will cater to helping them grow even more as a highly productive team. Or you could be looking more for something that will make your office more cohesive and really want to give the team building thing a go.

All over the region there are cool places and things that you can do with your employees and coworkers. The Peaks of Otter have great hikes, kayaking and wine tasting, Smith Mountain lake has vineyards and water activities as well. Or places like Camp Alta Mons has a nifty rope obstacle course to do. Whatever your idea may be, be creative with it and have fun. Once your employees and coworkers relax and have a great time without thinking they’re at an office sanctioned event, they’ll be able to relax and really get into whatever it is they may be learning. Just make sure you keep all receipts and documents proving your fun activities. (Check out our article for apps to help log business miles and expenses here!)

If you have any questions about these types of events or just need ideas for it, just give us a shout.