Tis the season to be jolly… or not, really, depending on which season it is! Alongside the four main season, there’s flu season, allergy season, tax season, road construction season, etc…none of which are all that enjoyable! One makes you sick, another groggy and miserable, one might do all the above and the other can make you ragingly mad from constant detours and traffic jams.

Well here at AOB, our extra season is, as you can guess, tax season; and it can be quite a long season! Starting in about November, we prep to get ready for tax season by making sure we never run out of paper or printer ink, have all the forms and envelopes ready for sending out 1099s and W2s, getting checklists out to clients and other various things that aren’t too exciting!

All the preparation helps things run smoothly for four months and helps keep us focused on doing tax returns. After all, that’s what we’re here for and we like it when things run smoothly. From the minute your documents get dropped off, until the return is signed and picked up by you, we take pride in working swiftly and efficiently while making security a top priority.

However, during those four months of the new year, we work around the clock for all our clients to ensure we do our best work and that we do it accurately. As is the nature of the beast, though, that means working on several clients returns each and every day until the end of tax season. Busy, busy time! Not only are we working on tax returns, we’re doing payroll, bookkeeping and other fun and exciting accounting projects. Therefore, please keep in mind that we do work on a first come, first serve basis. Those who bring in their documents early get their returns back earlier.

Now, we love our clients. We think they’re the best out there and we’re more than happy to work with them day in and day out on whatever accounting needs they may have. So this year, we’d like to jump ahead of the game and address some commonly asked questions of us during tax season in the hopes that the next tax season can run even more smoothly.

Without further delay, FAQ Time!


Q: How do I know if you’re working on my return?

            A: We will harass you with questions! That’s a promise!


            Q: When will my return be done?

            A: Give us about two weeks before checking in. Unless there’s something holding us back, like contracting the flu or we have missing documents, we should be able to get your return and documents back to you within two weeks.


            Q: How can I expedite getting my return done?

            A: By making sure you’ve given us all your tax documents. If you need something to double check that you’ve given us everything, check out our checklist! Also, keep a look out from calls, texts or emails from us just in case we need to ask you questions or need your signature.


            Q: How much will I owe, if anything?

            A: We won’t know the answer to that until we get into working on your return; otherwise it’s like us looking at a magic 8 ball and guessing a number. To have an accurate estimation of what you may owe, we have to almost have your return completely done, so if we haven’t gotten to that yet…it’ll be a very, very rough guess. We can do some good tax magic but we can’t guess what we don’t know! Sadly, we’re not psychic and don’t have a magic 8 ball or a crystal ball.


            Q: Why do I owe this much?

            A: The only way we know the answer to this question is to look into your documents and your complete return. If we haven’t completed your return, the numbers we’re seeing are preliminary and can change.


            Q: If I owe the IRS, how do I pay them?

            A: There are multiple ways for this! You can set up a payment plan either through snail mail or online! They take checks and debit card and credit cards. Or, if you can swing it, send them a lump sum. We also provide tax vouchers and coupons for you to help break the amount down into payable amounts.


            Q: Can I get a copy of prior years’ returns?

            A: Short answer, yes of course! Long answer, it’s the busiest time of year for us, so if you know you’re going to need more copies of prior years’ returns, please ask before tax season!


            Q: Will my return be done on time?

            A: Absolutely! If we’ve said so, it’ll happen unless circumstances beyond our control happen like missing tax documents. We will absolutely talk to you about an extension if we feel it is necessary. Also, tax documents brought to us April 1st or later are almost always going to be extended.


            Q: When can I drop off my documents/pick up my copy of the return?

            A: Our offices are open Monday – Friday 10am -5pm. However, since we do tend to work late hours during tax season, give us a call for us to arrange a time for you to come by if it’s after regular hours or if you need to meet on the weekend.

            ***Note*** If you’re just dropping off documents and Kim isn’t in the office, you’re more than welcome to leave your documents with Kim’s assistant, who’s always available during regular office hours. If you need to talk some things over with Kim when you drop off your documents, please schedule an appointment.

If you have other questions that we haven’t addressed, please feel free to contact us! We like to do right by our clients and help them in any way we can. Tax season can seem daunting and raise stress levels, but let us take on the worry and make your lives easier!